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Are you a busy property owner or portfolio manager who is big on customer service yet short on time? Sonoran knows that when it comes to common area maintenance, especially in a challenging economy, first impressions are important.

Every property is unique. Sonoran’s Day Porter service includes the following tasks; however, we will customize a service plan for each property.

On each visit, we will:

  • Empty trash containers, clean tops and install fresh plastic liners
  • Dust exterior of directories and mailboxes
  • Supplement sweeping services by removing papers and debris from parking areas
  • Supplement landscaping service by removing papers and debris from planted areas
  • Remove illegal signage
  • Report all issues such as damage or illegal dumping
  • Complete assigned tasks that are unique to individual properties
  • Communicate regularly and report issues to supervisor using Property Point

We will also perform the following jobs as needed:

  • Sweep or power-blow sidewalks free of debris
  • Dust windowsills and ledges
  • Remove cobwebs reachable from walkways (seasonal spider mites may demand extra time and require extra billing)
  • Spot clean spills



Vacancy Inspection Service

Sonoran’s Vacancy Inspection service is included with our Day Porter service for most properties. A charge may apply for properties with high vacancy.

    Enter vacant suites once per week in the summer and twice per month in the winter to inspect for damage, break-ins, ceiling leaks, etc.

      • Flush toilets
      • Run water in sinks
      • Remove business cards and trash that accumulates near the storefront
      • Report any issues to management

Property Point

Manage More Properties with Less Effort

Customers love our innovative software, Property Point. Property Point is available 24/7 and allows you to log in, view inspection reports with photos, and submit comments and requests for services. Sonoran’s capabilities include maintenance. Working with Sonoran means you’ll spend less the time in the field with minor concerns, issues are documented with photos, and problems are resolved quickly.

We inspect your properties on a regular basis to ensure that we’re providing top quality service. Field supervisors manage our on-site staff, tour properties and post inspection reports with photos. We report issues such as property damage, graffiti, illegal dumping, tenant move-outs, etc.

Inspection reports are posted on Property Point, and you receive an email notice when a report is posted. Every property we serve has a dedicated page in Property Point for inspection reports with photos, notices, and work order tracking. We post and email service schedules, for example:

  • “Your property is scheduled for pressure washing and window cleaning this week. Please let us know if you have special instructions.”
  • “Graffiti has been removed at your property. See photos.”
  • “Property damage was found at your property. See photos.”
  • “Items were illegally dumped at your property. See photos.”
  • “Your property was power washed, inspected, and found to be in good condition.”
  • “Your property is scheduled for quarterly window cleaning service this week.”
  • “We have inspected this property and found several items that may need your attention. See photos.”
  • “Your vacancies were inspected today, and we found the following problems. See photos.”

Place a Work Order

Many companies have an online work-order form; however, Sonoran is the only company that documents work orders in detail and records work orders along with all inspection reports. You may place a work order directly from the property’s report page in Property Point. The date a work order is placed along with its status and close-out date are posted for reference.

More than Just Day Porter Services

Sonoran is a full-service maintenance company dedicated to serving owners and managers of commercial properties. Sonoran was established in 2002 and serves the Phoenix and Tucson markets.

Sonoran Saves You Time & Provides Peace of Mind

Sonoran saves you time byproviding a single point of contact for commercial cleaning, maintenance and construction services. We are the only company with our own software program designed to communicate with and provide accountability to Our Customers. Peace of mind comes with knowing Sonoran is accountable.


For our Customers

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